See You at the Pole 2012

Syatp Float

See You at the Pole is an event that brings students together around their flag pole on their campus to pray. The students pray for other students, teachers and administrators. This event happens before school on the morning of September 26th. Students will need to check with their campus FCA or Youth Alive to find out the exact time. CBS is teaming up with Eastside Students to create a Prayer Tour. On Wednesday September 12, we will meet at 6pm at the church to go to Collinsville to pray for that school campus. On September 19th CBS and Eastside will be teaming up to pray for the Owasso campuses. On the evening of SYATP (September 26th) we will gather together to worship, pray, eat pizza, and share about the experiences we have had while praying for school campuses.

That evening we will also promote “The Life Book.” This book is a great way to help spread the Gospel on our campuses. Each student will receive a free book to hand out to one of their friends  to encourage a conversation about the Gospel of Christ.

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